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Click here for Dr. Bob's BigWoods Hunting Primer.​​

Deposit for all hunts is due at time of booking to complete a reservation. These deposits are non-refundable,
non-transferable and only good for the specific dates booked.  A deposit of $500 per person is required for any hunt. Bookings will only be confirmed when the deposit is received. 
All hunters must have a zero balance before departing the ranch. 
All outstanding balances will be due upon arrival.
In addition, a waiver of liability form must be signed on arrival before going afield.

Exclusive booking:
Exclusive bookings are available only for Long Weekend Deluxe and Out of State Special hunt packages.

In order to reserve The BigWoods for exclusive use solely by your party, a minimum of 15 hunters must be booked, with deposits received at the time of an exclusive designation. We will hold exclusive bookings for 60 days from the date an exclusive hunt is booked. If all deposits for an exclusive weekend are not received within 60 days of booking, the individual reservations with received deposits will be confirmed, but exclusivity will be no longer be enforced and hunters from other groups will be booked. During open deer and duck seasons, exclusive use packages for hog hunting are not offered.

Sporting Clays​:

We have revamped our covered 5 stand sporting clay course with state of the art equipment.
Shooting this course is a useful tune-up for our duck hunters and can be used during the day or evening (the
course is lighted) by any BigWoods guest. In our Pro Shop, we carry a full line of shot gun shells in all gauges but
10 and 16 gauge. Browning Cynergys in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges are available for rent. This course is for the
use of BigWoods guests only and is not open to the general public. 


All of our hunters are responsible for having the proper licenses.  Our Texas game wardens are
friendly, helpful and are frequent visitors to the BigWoods. For boar hunting no hunting license is required.

  • For deer hunting you'll need a regular state hunting license.

  • For duck hunting you'll need a Texas big game hunting license as well as state and federal duck stamps.  

  • A Texas small game license is required to harvest any varmints.


​​Hunter safety permit:
Due to Texas state law, hunters, from both in and out of state, born after September 1, 1971, will need to show
evidence of having completed a hunter safety course.


Alcoholic beverages are not included in hunting packages. The BigWoods is BYOB.  For private events
alcohol is complimentary. 

Lodging and Night Activities:

The accommodations at The BigWoods are first class. Because buildings may
be shared with different groups of hunters, unless one group is the sole occupier of its place of lodging, we ask partiers to shut it down by 10 PM out of courtesy to those in other groups that will be getting up early the next morning to hunt.


A non-hunter may accompany a hunter who has purchased any type of hunt @ The BigWoods
for $255/night on a space-available basis; this must be booked @ the time when the hunt itself is booked.

Early Arrival:

Hunters who arrive in the area the day before their hunt may lodge at the Bigwoods for
$85/night/person instead of staying at an offsite motel.  No meals are included. Early birds will have access to their
lodging quarters and the rifle range, but going afield before the hunt is regularly scheduled to begin and access
to the amenities of the lodge are not permitted early. 


Hunters are always welcome to bass fish during the day @ The BigWoods and keep all bass less than 3lbs. Fish greater than 10 lbs can be kept if they are to be mounted.


A covered 40 yard to 500 yard rifle range, is available free of charge to guests of The BigWoods.

It is strongly urged that visiting shooters use this rifle range to be sure the rifle is still on target after making

the trip to The BigWoods. We strongly recommend not shooting at running animals as well.


All predators, including mountain lions can be taken free of charge by any BigWoods hunter who
have booked a buck or a boar hunt. Doe hunters do not qualify for free predators. It is our preference that
bobcats not be harvested unless the hunter wishes to mount them.

UPDATED: 4 wheeler/ATV policy:

The BigWoods is a paradise for ATV riders with over 100 miles of roads through some of the
wildest places in Texas. We encourage hunters to bring their own ATVs as this affords them access to this
amenity as well as giving them more independence as to when they come and go hunting. Please note: If your party has not bought out the exclusive use of the Bigwoods for a weekend and there are other hunting parties present at the Bigwoods, ATV use will be restricted to end at midnight, so as not to disturb others hunting.
Travel by ATVs is inherently more dangerous than automobiles or pickups. Hence, a liability release is required
before ATVs can be used on our property, and by signing this release, the hunter acknowledges the substantial risk of this activity. While we at the BigWoods make a concerted effort to maintain our roads in a safe condition, tree falls and washouts- to name just two hazards, may occur unexpectedly around any corner. Thus, it is the responsibility of the driver to maintain a low, safe speed, always remaining under control. If reckless driving is observed, the ATV will be impounded until the hunt is over. Four-wheeling is subject to the following BigWoods rules:
1.  Hunters are not allowed to drive by other hunters when the hunt is on. This is common courtesy. Our staff will always be able to tell you where all the hunters will be. If one party has exclusive reign over the BigWoods then this can be worked out amongst the hunters in your own group, otherwise check with our guides prior to setting out on your own.
2.  Mud dogging is not allowed. We have made a great investment in our road system here and take great pride in the quality of it so please be warned mud doggers shall be drawn and quartered. 

3. We, because of insurance issues, no longer rent out our own ATVs for use by our clients. Fortunately there is a local vendor, SCS Powersports, that does make them available.  If you wish to have your own ATV when you are here, call 903 747 0821, and he will rent one to you and deliver it to The BigWoods.

A few reminders:

  • Bring a gun and use our rifle range before you head out.

  • Don't forget warm hunting clothes, don't forget gloves and a hat, it can get cold in Texas!

  • Walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines are on the premises.

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